Ring styles

What to choose, what to choose…
Top tip: An engagement ring should above all be timeless. While there are endless possibilities when it comes to ring styles, you want to ensure that your partner still gets butterflies when looking down at their ring finger in 10, 20, 50 years time. But it also needs to be something you are completely happy with – So as long as it fits in with the Dear Rae aesthetic guidelines, we’re happy to accommodate a design that’ll make your lover’s heart skip a beat.

Deciding on the diamond or the gemstone will naturally be the first and most exciting step. The rest of the design will follow suit. Together we will then decide on the type of setting that works best with your stone (bezel, claw, collet, trilogy, cluster) and whether and what type of additional small diamonds can be incorporated. Small diamonds can be set in 4 bead pave, flush, channel or open
claw settings.

Please keep in mind that the type of ring and setting should not only suit your partner’s style, but also their lifestyle. For example: If your partner is an outdoorsy type, then we’d recommend a bezel setting. This will protect the stone more than a claw setting for example, which is very delicate and antique-looking, and should be worn with greater care. Below are different styles of rings we have made in the past. Please note that we’re always open to trying something new.

ring styles